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We call this Product PBOC or Potato, Bacon, Onion Cheddar.  We use white aged cheddar, orange cheddar, and an aged imperial cheddar to satisfy to cravings.   We only use Hertels' Bacon, from Port Albernie, and we specially order bacon, that is sulphite free, nitrate free, and msg free.  Its fresh, and without preservatives.  The bacon will be a reminder of a traditional time, when perogies and bacon were true and tested. 


Each Perogy, uncooked is approximately 33 grams.  Perogies are usually eaten as one part to a moderately and healthy meal.  We recommend 2-3 perogies per person.  There are 12-13 pieces per package.  They arrive to you frozen.  A minimum order for home deliver requires that you order 6 packages any flavour.  We currently do not deliver to locations off of Vancouver Island.  All products are to remain frozen, until you prepare them for cooking.  Our dough will not mediate being defrosted in a fridge like other similar products.

Potato, Bacon, Onion, Cheddar

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    All of our Perogies are made in a Triangle.  All dough is wheat, rye, barley, oat, soy, dairy, egg free, rice free, sesame free, nut free.  Its not gritty, and all fillings are made with real ingredients purchased locally.


    Follow cooking instructions.  We rarely receive any complaints, but contact us to discuss in person.  Refunds are managed on an individual basis

  • Delivery to your home

    We have specific delivery dates to particular areas, and reserve the right to deliver based on our schedules.  We recommend that if you cannot be home, that you provide a cooler and ice bags at your door step to receive your products.  To create a delivery you must order a minimum of six packages of perogies or other products offered.