This little person to the upper-left of the text box, is the reason we make hand made perogies.

He currently has fifteen food allergies, he is not alone, many people have food allergies and many more don't even know they have them.  The rash on his face is indicative to a food allergy.  CBB was born in 2012, and in the summer of 2019,  he will be Seven years old.  My daughter, Natasha and myself [Jan] have been making hand made perogies since 2007 approximately.  Initially with wheat.

CBB is unable to attend public school, and so he is stuck with us.  Most classrooms in elementary schools, have been exposed to wheat, or have wheat tables in the class room.  Almost every child brings a sandwich made of wheat, or another secondary lunch product that is made from wheat.


This is called being wheated, it is when wheat is in the air.  Children who are celiac are affected.  Perhaps not by breathing conditions, but by something called a leaky gut.  This is when the bowel bleeds.  Unknown to most parents Wheat has either, pea or soy flour, and casin [milk protein] and wheat.  Breads and other products have additional additives such as anti-mould preparations, and other preservatives.  The Canadian Federal Inspection Agency is responsible for making food producers implement additional products, into food.  This is good, and bad at the sametime. 


The reason flour is enriched with soy, pea flour, and casin, has a history going back to the 1940's when children were suffering from malnutrition in Canada. In Canada products made with flour are enriched to ensure the vulnerable members of our society receive appropriate and essential nutrients in their food, and it was grandfathered in.  Milk is enriched, and some other products like Orange Juice are enriched as well.


The majority of white flour and white sugar in Canada is genetically modified, including pea and soy flour.  For Children and adults allergic to products in wheat, to bring them up to the Enriched scale, does have a cause and affect on those who these conditions affect.

There are approximately 28 wheat free/gluten free flours, I can make a perogy dough from just about any flour.  We use three starches and two flours to make perogies.  This combination makes a nice product, most people who are not gluten free, don't even notice that they are not made with wheat.  We sold our perogies as gourmet to the public for one year, before we announced they were made without wheat, rye, barley, oats, soy, dairy or eggs.  Our wheat eaters never noticed.  We know there are awful tasting gluten free products on the market, but give them a shot, before you make your decision.

We didn't have a choice but to become gluten free; CBB came to work with us every day, since he was born in 2012, and whether he had been at the shop or not, he would have been exposed to wheat flour, by our causality of working with it.  It's not as if he could live elsewhere from family, we would be bringing our work clothing home to be washed, etc.  From 2012 onward, we began to learn that our customers also had food allergies, and wanted products that could not be purchased through larger grocery outlets.

We have approximately 80 flavours of perogies, we currently only sell our Top Requested Perogies.  Just as we were beginning to do well in our shop in Duncan, the owner of our building decided we should pay him ten thousand dollars a month.  We had ten plus employees and moved our shop to Ladysmith, and created a certified Kitchen, which is approved by the Vancouver Island Health Authority.

We work very hard to stay compliant with VIHA, and as time has gone on, we have learned a great deal about HACCP [Hazardous Analysis, Critical, Control Points].  This stands for a type of advanced food safe.  Our products are considered a low risk product, because we freeze it as soon as it is made, and it is delivered frozen to our customers.

Foods must be protected and preserved to prevent food borne diseases, and we take this very seriously.  People from all walks of life, purchase and enjoy our products, and those with compromised immune systems can easily be affected by food products produced.  We don't like preservatives, so we work very diligently to produce safe products for everyone.

Our kitchen is small it is about 200 square feet.  There is only room for about 3-4 people and we have nine freezers.   On average we make about 1000 to 2000 perogies a day, all by hand.  We used to roll all our dough out by hand, but now we have a machine that I use to roll the dough out.  It makes about 100 perogy squares per dough ball.  They are placed and wrapped in plastic wrap for the perogy bosses, who use a spoon, place the filling and pinch the perogy and place it on a tray that goes into the freezer. We rotate our freezers so they aren't being open to ensure that everything freezes safely.  We have lost track since 2007 how many millions of perogies we have hand pinched.


In 2016, we stopped making perogies until the fall of 2018.  I was sick and my daughter Natasha was sick.

News that we are up and running again, hit Vancouver Island by storm.

Living with Health Issues has taught us, how fragile life can be.  Living with allergies that affect our bodies ability to digest our food, and can cause pancreatitis and liver failure, and bile duct complications, is a reminder, to continue on the path to make healthy food products.  For those people who must eat gluten free, know its not a fad diet.   

Meat in Canada, has something called Ractoprine.  Europe won't allow this product to be fed to animals. This is fed to animals to produce lean meat in animals.  The side effect in humans is obesity.  You can empower yourself, by reading up on products such as this, from the CFIA websites.  Everything that is in your food, is listed.  An agent that colours a soft drink could cause you health effects, be your own best advocate, when it comes to your food.  We as north american's have bypassed growth hormones in animals, but Ractoprine is the next product.  For those of you aged fifty plus, you might remember steaks from twenty years ago, and the layers of fat in a steak that is now none-existent, this is due to ractoprine feed.  Farmer's can make the claim, Hormone Free.

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