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We care about you.  We enjoy communicating with our customers in person.  When we re-opened in October 2018, our customers were coming to our busy shop.  We have very much enjoyed meeting so many of you.  We don't like to sell to grocery stores.  Stores have to make a living, they can add up to 50% onto our products before you purchase perogies.  To control the prices of our products, we prefer to deliver to you personally.  We need our customers, to continue to grow and adapt to the changes of our small family business.  Word of mouth is very important to us.  Please contact us, if you have concerns with our product.  Social media can damage our reputation and put our family and our staff at risk.  Please discuss your concerns with us, before posting on social media.  We will do our very best to resolve your complaints and concerns.

A small family business can be destroyed by a couple internet remarks.  Local companies depend on their community to grow and we all have to work together to make a better future.  The larger we become, the more staff we hire, and this effects the economy in our community and yours.  We purchase locally, we contribute locally and you support locally.

Be proud to support our name, we work hard to make a good product.


Our personal computers do not collect any of your payment information.

Payment is made directly via PayPal.  We have tried to use Email Money Transfers and various forms, however Orders have lost details, and from time to time due to loss of these details, we have had to substitute other products.

This website, allows us to efficiently collect our orders, without errors.  Please take the time to ensure all your order and delivery information is submitted.  We do not sell your information.


We are not currently accepting any company orders, but don't hesitate to contact us, as we do arrange from time to time, for fundraising opportunities.


PayPal is our preferred method of payment.

PayPal charges us fees, for your payment.

Fees, product and business costs, and delivery is incorporated into the costs of your products, not in addition to.  When you pay online, you don't have to worry that there are additional fees at the time of delivery.

It is free to have a PayPal account, and it is free for you to pay for products ordered.

Frozen food; has no taxes