© 2020 Perogy Factory 

Start up

2007 to 2019

Company name - Perogy Factory

Created a unique product in a Niche Market

Hand made, gluten free, egg free, wheat, rye, barley, soy, oat, rice free

Tested the Market - proven

Audience, is MEN - Vegans - Seniors - Gluten Free - Health Conscious

Business License

Business Insurance- Work Safe - Vehicle Insurance

Utility costs - power - water - fuel - Time

Food Safe, VIHA, CFIA, HACCP Compliant - Recall Plan

Marketing Plan, Facebook, Snapchat, Newspaper, word of mouth

Freezers, coolers, potato peelers, fill equipment, hobart mixers

Secretary, online sales, book keeper, accountant, direct sales

store sales, software, label design, packaging design, graphics

Building - HACCP compliant - land - water - sewer - power

single use, foil, bacon, testing, food security, sustainability

suppliers, packaging, marketing, buy local, buy in bulk, labels

more marketing, bar codes, GS1, small scale organizations, customers

customer service, delivery truck, high risk v low risk foods


Subscriptions, order clerk, sales clerks, home delivery


PayPal v Banks

Crowd Sourcing, 

Delivery drivers

Kick Starter

Who is our product reaching.  Only Vancouver Island

Who are our customers

They have Allergies too:  Wheat, rye, barley, oats, soy, dairy, sesame, eggs, seafood. We have an amazing product, but we cannot reach you, or your area, without your help. Many non-gluten free customers buy because they want to support us, they buy because they love our product, Everyone you know, knows someone with food intolerances.

We cannot reach the rest of the province without you !

We cannot reach the rest of Canada without your help

Step 1

Kick Starter

Equipment Goals

      *Flash Freezer

      *Form-Fill Machine

      *Potato Peeler

      *Bagging Equipment

      *Building Location

      *Walk-in Equipment

      *Conveyor equipment


Gluten free